Blind Reverendo presents the title track from his upcoming album ‘Searching The Waves’

Singer and composer Blind Reverendo releases the first single from his next album due in September. It’s the title track, named Searching The Waves, featuring Las Chachas Tropical, and issued by the RedGoldGreen label.

Mario Rivoiro, born in Italy but a longtime resident in Barcelona, has been slightless since 8 years old, yet has always explored the world via his two great loves: music and surfing.

During a trip to Mexico, he composed this song together with Las Chachas Tropical, a collective who share the same passions. The album title track is dedicated to surfing. It’s a metaphor for life: where riding the wave reflects the ability to enjoy the present moment and fully experience it. Even if the training can be hard and the search for the perfect wave involves patience, then the reward will come, just like in life.

The video accompanying the single was directed by Clément Esso for The Mirror Films and shot in Mexico, Barcelona – where Mario habitually trains – and in Bilbao during the Txapelketa Surf Adapted championship.

Searching The Waves is available on all digital platforms and the video can be viewed on the singer’s official YouTube channel.

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